About Frylow

During the frying process, cooking oil is in direct contact with oxygen or moisture at high temperatures (above 160°C) for extended periods of time. Consequently, it becomes oxidized, which modify the chemical composition of the used fats and emit harmful to health ingredients.
These effects could be eliminated by a technology that inhibits this oxidation process.
What is Frylow?
Frylow is a unit of ceramic material with photocatalytic properties, that extends the time for using oil up to 400%.
How Frylow works
Frylow’s photocatalytic technology acts upon your cooking oil at a molecular level by slowling down the oxidation process and increasing its thermal conductivity.
After the immersion of this ceramic device in the frying oil, it effectively extends the time for using cooking oil more than three times by means of specific reaction processes, based on titanium and platinum.

- Slows down the oxidation of the frying oil
- Reduces free radicals and other harmful substances
- Increases the thermal conductivity of the cooking oil
- Reduces the oil absorption by foods and by this reduces calories up to 47.8%
- Reduces significantly the oil consumption – if you have being changing the frying oil every two days, with Frylow technology you will make this on a four-day basis minimum.

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