Longer Oil Usage
Through Frylow’s revolutionary technology the oxidization process is reduced and therefore dramatically increases the life span of cooking oils.
Recent tests have proven the Frylow can extend the frying oil life by up to 400%.
Lighter, Healthier and Crispier Deep-Fried Foods
Due to lower oil absorption rate in food cooked utilizing the Frylow technology food is lighter, crisper and healthier. Tests have proven the Frylow can reduce calories in fried food by up to 47%. The food cooked utilizing the Frylow comes out fresh, full of it’s own natural flavor.
Reduced Utility Costs
The Frylow technology enables food to be cooked at lower temperatures and faster cooking times. This results in reduced gas or electricity costs.

5-Year Warranty

Manufactured in Japan and made to the highest quality standards Japanese manufacturing has been renowned for. The Frylow is a robust long lasting unit. We are so sure of the quality of this product we back it with a 5 year warranty.

6. Easy Cleaning
To ensure the Frylow is performing at it’s best a quick rinse under hot running tap water when your oil is changed, and a 10 minutes in boiling hot water every 4 weeks is all the maintenance this unit requires. (Allow to dry before placing back in fryer).

7. Food Safety Accredited
The Frylow has been tested and certified as food-safe. Highly reputable laboratories including, NSF International, Japan Food Research Laboratories, and CERAM Research have independently confirmed that there are no safety issues with the Frylow. The unit contains absolutely no toxic substances such as lead and cadmium, and will not leach anything into the hot cooking oil.
Improve your Carbon Footprint
Because the Frylow extends the life span of cooking oils this creates less environmental waste. Combined with the reduction in electricity and gas costs and reduced cooking times you will be significantly
reducing your carbon footprint.
What Frylow is NOT
Frylow is NOT a perforated plate of a singular catalyst offering only short-term effectiveness. It uses absolutely NO industrial grade titanium
Frylow is NOT a chemical powder of any kind that mixes with the frying oil and enters your digestive system.
Frylow is NOT a batch of coated balls which soon adhere to each other inside a container that is next to impossible to properly clean.
Frylow is NOT one of many filtration systems on the market, which filters and cleans your oil but does not decrease cooking time, calories, acrylamides and can only increase oil life by up to 20%. Inexpensive paper cone filters are available worldwide and are recommended to be used periodically in conjunction with Frylow to keep oil free of sediments and excessive accumulation of food particles

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